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Old 03-26-2020, 10:33 AM

I wonder how families with children stuck at home are doing. Are they seeing it as a rare opportunity or as a hardship? Is it getting more difficult or easier as the days pass?
I can speak for my DD only. My Gs is a rambunctious 3 year old. DD is a teachers aid who is definitely WFH, with several video conferences per day. SIL works for SF Giants in their tech/IT/broadcasting department. He is also WFH.

They bought a big trampoline for GS, go for walks, read stories, play on ABC Mouse, and, yes, watch TV.

I wonder how people who live by themselves are coping with the situation. Are they at peace with it or are they climbing the walls?
I would love a few hours all to myself. Between our trip Yosemite and the shelter in place, Iíve had zero alone time in 3 weeks. Headlines might be made......

I wonder if people who never cooked before are now learning to do so. I wonder if those who already cook are finding new creative recipes with the more limited items on hand.
I dislike cooking, but have tried a few new recipes. Doing a lot more with my Instapot.

I wonder if people will have lost weight or have gained weight by the time all this is over.
Oh, sadly, I suspect gaining. Even though Iím walking every day now.

I wonder if homes are cleaner or dirtier now.
Well, at this very moment, it is very clean. I skipped housekeeper this week.

I wonder if people now appreciate more what others do for them, like the childcare employees, the teachers, the housekeepers, the truck drivers, the store employees, etc., etc., etc.
Iíve always appreciated all these workers. I plan to write a letter today to my local independent supermarket praising them. And plan to give my housekeepers a generous tip when then return. Trying to think of something for my postman.
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