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I live alone and I am honestly coping better than I thought I would. I think one thing that is helping is that I am still doing work meetings over zoom most days, so I still feel like I have purpose and have something I need to get up and get ready for. Today after a big meeting one of my teammates asked if she could set up a google hangout with just me and we talked for about an hour. That was nice. If this extends into the summer I think I'm going to have an extremely hard time being isolated and not working at all.

I have thought about cooking more- I always eat stuff from Trader Joe's that mostly just needs to be heated up. I thought about doing a meal kit box like Hello Fresh just to have something to do. For right now I like what I'm eating and haven't felt the need to change anything, but I might need to introduce something "new" to do depending on how long this goes on. I know how to cook/am a decent cook- I've always just felt like it was a waste of time/money for a single person. I spent a ton of money on ingredients, spent a ton of my time making the meals and then a ton of time afterwards cleaning up, and then since it's just me, I'd have to eat the same thing multiple days in a row, which I hate doing.

I am losing weight. I find it easier to stick to my calorie goals since it's usually social situations that trip me up. I also no longer have the temptation to stop and get take out on the way home from work. While I do feel anxious about the situation in general, it's a bit different than having a really stressful day at work and then feeling like I "deserve" treats.

I typically clean my house every other weekend. When this all started, I wondered if I would clean more because I'd have more time. Nope. I was supposed to clean last weekend and it just didn't happen. This week I told myself there was no excuse for that and finally got it done yesterday. I run into this problem in the summer as well- during the school year it's easier to keep on a schedule because you know if you don't do it then, you'll be much too busy for at least the next week. Now it feels like there is just endless time and it doesn't have to be done right now.

I am definitely more appreciative of grocery store workers!
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