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student messing with my job security
Old 12-11-2014, 08:18 PM
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Yes you read that correctly. My student, my one on one student is working me right out of a job. Last year he needed constant supervision, had many meltdowns and needed lots of prompting through the simplest of assignments. He is considered nonverbal but the language piece is finally coming together. He has rarely had a tantrum this year. He responds to gestural prompts to do much of what he needs to do. He can walk in line with his class this year though he needs lots of.prompting to stay in line. He has even spent a few lunch.periods without one on one supervision.

Yes I hope this child continues to grow more and more independent but what if he is not allowed a para next school year?

Oh dear, just read this. It sounds like I am complaining. I am not. I am tickled this student has shown so much growth. I love that the communication though prompted is developing so rapidly. I am excited that we are truly working on academic skills beyond what he did last school year. He is beginning to participated in small groups with heavy prompting. I am excited that he is growing socially. He is learning classmates' names. He is learning to say hi to them and use his ipad to ask them prompted questions. He is learning to say hello to staff members in the building. He is learning to say "thank you". Sooo much growth.

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