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So I thought I wanted to do this too, but after getting a second degree (BS) in communication disorders and deaf education, I went back to teaching instead. Since then, I've worked closely with SLPs during IEP meetings etc. Yes, you will need a second masters degree AFTER you complete all the prerequisite coursework. I have a PhD in another field and I am a good student, and it was challenging to get all the prerequisites done and maintain a 4.0 - when I was looking into a masters degree in speech about 5 years ago it was VERY competitive trying to get into graduate school and grad school is intense (lots of hard classes and clinics - you will be on campus for 10 hour days and that was not compatible with our family life because I had young kids at the time). If you are interested, Utah State University has a great online program to get your undergraduate degree/prereqs done online (COMDDE). It's the one I did to get all of my prerequisites done. I decided that even though teaching and prepping and grading is a ton of work, SLPs work just as hard - and spend a lot more time on paperwork and at IEP meetings. I couldn't see myself spending all my time writing goals for students, trying to schedule group and individual therapy, getting all the paperwork done and doing IEP meetings, and I did not want to work with anyone older than middle school students and I did not want to work with adults in a Skilled Nursing Facility. Shadow an SLP if you are truly interested - it was not really what I expected it to be. Maybe switch grade levels or districts instead. The grass is always greener...
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