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Any supplemental material?
Old 02-01-2010, 06:40 PM
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Do you have any supplemental material that goes with the curriculum? Extra support workbooks...challenge activities...story on CD that you can listen to...etc.? I am also a 6th grade teacher and we have an excellent Reading series that comes with tons of "helper" stuff. Though a lot of it is worksheets, it provides a groundwork that you can use to get ideas and more easily create your own ideas...

If you don't have anything like that...first, I'd ask a building administrator, maybe they'd be willing to order something if the money is there?

My last piece of advice is to search can find some EXCELLENT ideas on this website! Start maybe with English, go to search and look under 6th grade English, or find certain topics from the unit you are working on and search that. Remember to look on current boards and archives...

Hope this helps. Good Luck!
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