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Clip to ScrapBook #4

If you will be using your own money to decorate your room I would suggest frequenting teacher blogs and check out teachers pay

The posters from the education stores can be quite expensive. There are many really amazing teachers out there who are wonderful with the computers and crazily creative. They create tons of signs and posters and share their files. You could also always find things on teacherspayteachers for a fraction of the price you'd pay at the ed. stores.

Use sites like You could create lots of things through this site. Sign up and wait for some of their special offers and deals. They often send out 'free items', free shipping, 80% off certain items. Really really good deals! I recently got about $90 worth of things for only 18$ (which included my shipping that was 12). If you know you will have certain things on your whiteboard or a filing cabinet use the car magnets. They are really good! You can also create things on banners. Explore the site and you could also check out the group 'vista print addicts' for ideas.

Forgot to mention that you'd also want things like a really good stapler, a good pair of scissors, lots of paper clips, 2 and 3 whole punch, baskets (i use these for everything). If you are going to go the basket route to organize things buy them through discount stores (dollar tree, price busters, etc) because the baskets from the ed. stores are a rip off.

Lots of teachers like to use book boxes for students to store their books/supplies. You could use ice cube tray holders for a fraction of the cost and decorate them to your liking.
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