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I'm not a new teacher but love to encourage and help where I can. I also teach K.

You are not alone. We all feel like you do, overwhelmed and ready to shut down at times. ((hugs))

What kinds of materials are you referring to? Does your district give you curriculum? Can you ask your basic skills or reading coach for help and materials?

When parents ask me for things, there are lots of things I tell them:

For example:
-encourage them to read to their child at home every night
-give them the Dolch word list to practice with their child
-practice their letters and sounds (provide a paper with upper and lower case presented separately and in random order)
-practice blending CVC words (provide a paper with word families) or have the parent read the words and kids write them or spell them out loud
-practice counting to 100 and making sets to 20
-practice writing letters, numbers, and sentences
-a list of educational web sites.
I also encourage them to buy kindergarten or even first grade workbooks at the dollar store and go through them with their child.

I would also suggest subscribing to a publication such as Teacher's Helper from Mailbox magazine. Lots of relevent and up to date stuff to run off to use every day in your classroom. You can start building files from those for different skills.

Hope this helps. Hang in there and good luck! You're doing great!
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