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Help! No para/help for low kids
Old 02-10-2016, 05:38 PM
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Hi - I'm a science teacher and I am dying right now. I have FOUR kids who are very low in one of my science sections. I'm talking MAYBE first-second grade abilities in a 5th grade classroom. One has Downs. These kids miss 20-30 minutes of my class several times a week for speech, too.

The work we are doing is INTENSE, even for the on-level kids. To truly scaffold this material for these special kiddos would be to create completely different lessons AND be able to teach it to them. That's not realistic for me to do. I feel awful that I am not reaching these kids, and they are just slipping through science.

I've asked, begged, pleaded for a para. I have a volunteer who comes in once a week to help them. We've adapted what we can but truly what they end up doing is drawing pictures and is just busy work.

I'm half-venting here...because it's February and I feel like it is a lost cause at this point. But if any of you wise teachers out there have a suggestion...I'm all ears.

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