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Breaking point!
Old 02-16-2016, 11:22 AM
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At the beginning of the year, I posted debating about quitting. I still consider quitting EVERYDAY. I have come to the understanding that as a first year teacher, that this is a common feeling. However, I can't seem to get over how my district treats me!

I am an ESL Teacher in a Middle and High School, grades 5-12. Not only do I have no usable or effective curriculum to use, which means creating every worksheet, story, etc. FROM SCRATCH but also I am constantly treated like a 2nd/3rd class citizen from teachers and admin. here.

At first, I was being treated badly due to the ESL accommodations REQUIRED BY LAW. I had teachers coming up to me, arguing with me and refusing to abide by my recommendations. I am a first year teacher, of course at that point I felt bullied.

Now, I am only looked at as 'Homework Help' or 'Tutor' for the ELLs in the school. NONE OF THE TEACHERS TRY TO ACCOMMODATE WHATSOEVER! I don't even mind that as much as I mind being CONSTANTLY kicked out of my classroom WITHOUT ANY NOTICE from my admin. I could be in mid-lesson and a teacher that I don't even know could come in and take my room from me, stating that 'someone should have told you'.

When it comes to my state assessment, ACCESS the principal 'forgot' to put it on the calendar/schedule for other teachers to be informed of it when I knew he was aware of the test. NOT TO MENTION, I have to make SUB PLANS for my High School periods while I administer ACCESS... which is 2 months!!!!

I am alone in the school without any support (my mentor teacher is useless and ignores me in the hallways and never returned my emails),
....I am at my wits end with the constant disrespect and disregard for me or my students.

Any advice to keep me going until the end of the year?

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