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Small groups
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Clip to ScrapBook #2

I also teach 5th, but we are not compartmentalized, we teach all the subjects (though I specialize in science). I'm not wise by any means, but I have students who are very low like yours and 3 that don't even speak/read English, but they still manage to understand the concepts:

I purposely plan for small group instructions with differentiated materials for them at least once a week. At first I was resistant to doing small groups, but the kids started to show growth so I kept going. I always do small groups during the student's guided practice and independent practice time.

I don't know your curriculum or how long you have the students, but if I were just science I might do something like this:
MON: Closed read (whole class) -> teacher introduces and models setting up scientific method
TUE: Closed read -> whole class sets up the scientific method/inquiries
WED: Closed read -> Students practice scientific method/inquiries in partners + I'm small grouping
THU: Whole class observes teacher model while documenting observation -> student observes and discuss verbally
FRI: Class does experiments in groups/partners and documents their observation + I'm working with small group

MON: Reflection on what happen and what they can infer.
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