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Joined: Oct 2015
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I am in the same boat
Old 02-25-2016, 06:41 AM
Clip to ScrapBook #3

I might just quit starting Monday. I have had it. Nothing is worth this kind of disrespect and pain.

I teach theater at a high-needs middle school. You can find my posts all over here. Also treated like a second class citizen. My admin took my room from me for one period (I offered to use the performance space instead, but it turns out there is no A/C and it's sauna-hot in there, now I can't go back and I have to use the MPR which has no white board, no projector that I can access without leaving the room and plenty of room for 8th graders to run around and hide in while I try to teach).

I think the problem comes when districts impose teachers on schools, be it ESL or arts. My school did not specifically want to hire me, they were sent me because they were non-compliant in secondary arts. The last thing the school cares about is the drama elective. It's considered a "fun" class.

My administrators downtown beg to differ. I'm expected to provide rigorous academic instruction. My students don't even have to pass my class. They don't even have to GO to my class most of the time, since other teachers schedule make-up tests, counselor visits, etc. during the elective period. And parents DO NOT CARE whether their child passes theater class.

This sucks. I think I'd rather work at Starbucks.

I know my attitude is bad. I've tried to be positive but I'm defeated
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