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We're on the Same Page
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You took the words right out of my mouth... Defeated. Defeated is the only way I can describe myself right now. I no longer have the strength to manage my classroom, I no longer have the strength to fight tooth and nail with other teachers and the administration about the basic necessities that I am entitled to as an educator, I no longer have the motivation to be the best I can be.. Right now, it's all about survival. How do I survive until June??!

You do make a good point! My school district was also non-compliant with the ESOL services that were being provided.. enter ME. The school does not necessarily want me here, I'm sure they think of me as an inconvenience. However, I am here.. but I am treated like #*$& because I am not a priority.

It is funny, during my hour long drive to work, I think of the same thing.. "I bet it wouldn't be as bad to work at Lowe's, Target, the local grocery market, etc." I CANNOT wait until I no longer have to bring work home. This job has ruined my attitude, my happiness, my life.

I simply want to stick it out until the end of the year, as a personal goal, but I am tested everyday. I come to work, I smile, I teach, I do ESOL paperwork, I accommodate, I do all that is expected of me, I do what is asked of me (without questioning others).. but when the powers at be keep chipping away at you, it will only be so long until I CRACK.
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