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I was about to say that too Betty. Volunteers need to go through the whole criminal background check that all the people who work for the schools system have to. We can't get volunteers because people here are so poor the schools have to basically pick a few and check them through a "scholarship" so that we can have grandma book ladies. I would question whether you would be able to get the volunteer you want, or if it would be just a random assignment.

It is tragic that someone can't just volunteer at a school without greasing the palm of the local forces of whatever.

I agree also with KT. Sad to say, many relationships break up for petty reasons and if you have "several" boyfriends over a couple of year period, the more conservative squeaky wheels may see you as loose as a goose. I would only say anything if the relationship was going to become "legal."

And if you do live together, although that is financially prudent, and so on (who wants to live alone?) that will offend a whole new set of people.

I am not yet a teacher, but I have been asked countless times about my living arrangements, where I live, etc., and I tend to keep that information to myself.

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