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New Title I teacher here!
Old 09-22-2016, 08:26 AM
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I have taught kindergarten and first grade for 10 years and this year, I am returning to teaching after being home with my baby. I am teaching in a different district....Middle School Title I.

We us AimsWeb to assess. I have completed this.
We are school wide Title I - 5th - 8th grade.
5th and 6th are in one main homeroom class for almost all classes other than P.E.
7th and 8th rotate each "hour."

New principal so I am told to "do what's best."

My current schedule is set up so that I work with kids during their reading and math times. I'm having a hard time getting teachers on board with getting this going. Last year, the Title teacher basically went in and taught the entire class Reading. If I pull kids out - when do I pull them out? During their Reading times? Do I allow them to have the actual lesson in the room and then pull them out after? Each class period is 40 minutes long.

Same question with Title Math - do I pull kids during their math time and do I make sure they're in the room for the lesson or do I pull them and teach it, etc. ?

When do you pull your kids and what are they missing in the classroom?
As Title teachers, we don't give just curious as they have to have these lessons and homework with the teachers.

Once I finally get to work with the kids - now what? Do I teach my own lessons - or do I do the exact same thing that the classroom teacher is doing and add on?

I truly have never been in this position before; where there is no training, no "manual" to go by, hard to find suggestions and ideas since it's middle school, and staff/admin at the school have no ideas either.

PLEASE HELP! Thank you so very much!!

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