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Different ways
Old 09-22-2016, 05:55 PM
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We've tried a variety of ways working with students.
When we've done pull out there were options too. We never take students from general instruction. The Title I saying is "supplement, not supplant". So add to the instruction, don't take them from classroom instruction. You could do this by scheduling to take them after whole group is done and the students either have small groups or independent work time. If need be, you could pull them from a study time, the end of another subject work time, etc. are you working on 90 minutes a week with each group or do you meet every day?

Typically with reading, we instruct what we know they need, but tie in classroom focus as well. For example, fifth grade needs a lot of comprehension work, so I give them a strategy they need and tie it into the technique being worked on in the classroom. As you are just starting out, you should check with the classroom teachers about whether they have intervention programs for their reading program that you could use. If they don't, find out what the student needs and work on that. Are you using just the RCBM for AIMSweb, or the MAZE as well? Be sure to ask the teachers what they notice the students need help with too.
Other programs are out there like LEveled Literacy Intervention that tie in a book and comprehension with a little writing and word work,but that might be a down the road purchase.

When we go into the classroom, we support. We do not teach the lesson, but we sometimes restate. Then when the students are working or applying the lesson we either pull back a small group that includes identified students or roam the room stopping at checkpoints to be sure the identified students are getting help if needed.

Math is not too different. If a student cannot multiply, that is practiced everyday until they can, but in short spurts. The rest of the time should be practicing the skills introduced in class, or extra practice with the skills they need. Again, if you teachers have intervention materials for you math program it would help.

Teachers pay teachers is a useful site for finding just about any kind of practice, and I always get the free stuff.

I hope this helps.
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