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Personally don't like it.
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Clip to ScrapBook #2

The problem with these systems is that they routinely help internalize the idea that children are innately either good or bad. I've subbed for colleagues who've used it and that teacher's students have straight up told me "oh Timmy is always in the red". As a "red student" there is no way out in this system and so you just continue acting out. Why? Because what's worst than being in red? Nothing.

Had another co-worker asked me to help her modify that clothespin system and we came up with the reflection model instead. The tabs were not scaled vertically or horizontally (this implies desired progression), but in a 4 table grid (which means you are currently working in one of the squares).

[challenging to excel] [re-evaluating action/choices]
[reflection bubble] [importing knowledge]

The reason we incorporated 2 obvious positives was that the students could see the entire grid was mobile. Just because you were in one grid at that moment, does not mean you had to be there 10 minutes later. Also the entire class could move into the personal reflection zone including the behavior kid.

Something like "I am going to move the entire class to the reflection zone, I want you to remember the last time you kept your hands to yourself even though you were very upset at a person at school or home" I'll come by and peek into your thoughts. Choose 2 random students and listen to them for like 5 seconds. Reach the behavior kid and then stealth-fully have them reflect on their behavior and mark it in your private notebook. Afterwards, tell class you'll choose 2-3 students to share their reflection with the class. Next, tell that now they should move into either excelling or importing knowledge (their choice!). Here's the key part for the behavior student. Have them go first and explain to the class their choice and why. This way the class hears and see that "Pamela" is doing what the other kids are doing (holds them accountable).
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