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Carding is names-on-the-board with colors. It's the three strikes you're out approach. The hope is a student will cringe with impending doom as her/his name is displayed in public for all to see. And wear a flak jacket if you catch one student, get busy, then miss another for the same "crime" -- "Hey Teach! She was talking too!"

Your concern about business as usual regarding chronic behavior problems is valid. Some time back my district adopted carding. It was the rage at the time. Before the system started every teacher on the faculty could tell you with 100% accuracy who would be living on red. My suggestion was flashing neon aka Vegas so not only could classmates see who is "bad" but also those in the hallway and possibly those driving by in the street.

When I was in school and got my name on the board I wanted to get even not become a model citizen. I would act out hoping another check was coming. I didn't care if my mom was called. That was in the future, possibly that night or the next day before anything was going to happen. I lived in the moment. The moment said revenge - get the mean teacher for embarassing me in front of my peers. A problem that usually started out small like talking to neighbors escalated into large quite quickly due to the teacher's reaction. If the teacher had the good sense to keep discipline private I probably would have folded since the motivation for revenge and saving face would have been removed.
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