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Joined: Oct 2017
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Clip to ScrapBook #5

I have a clip chart, with a clothespin for each student. Everyone starts out in green, but can go up three different colors (light green, blue, purple, and black). They can go down three colors: yellow (warning), orange (lose recess), and red (contact parent). Students can clip back up to avoid consequences if they change their behavior.

My chart is mostly for me, because I can't remember if I've talked to Billy twice or three times, or how many times I've redirected Susie. The chart is by my desk and is difficult for students to read.

Most of the time I'll give out "good behavior" tickets or award table points to accentuate the good behavior. That has proven to be more effective, though it is a hassle to give 27 students a positive consequence just to deny one to Johnny.

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