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Organizing ELA
Old 06-19-2019, 05:38 PM
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Looking for some ideas and advice : our school day has been extended and our teaching periods have been made a little shorter (45 mins). I teach 4th and 5th grade ELA and SS. The amount of periods I teach per day varies.
2 days I teach 6 periods of 45 minutes (4th and 5th grade classes),
1 day I teach 5 periods,
1 day I teach 4 periods and
1 day I teach 3 periods.

I teach 12 periods a week for 5th grade and 12 periods for 4th grade. (I hope that's not too confusing!!)
I have to organize which periods I'm going to use for SS and which for ELA (although I am hoping to integrate SS and Science - with the Science teacher's help, during ELA).

I also want to devote certain periods to writing, grammar and reading rotations.
How much time would you give a week for Writing and Grammar, or would you integrate it?

Thanks so much!

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