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Each sped team has to do their own caseload at the beginning of the year. We start with last year's list and check to see who has enrolled and actually shown up for this year (somewhat transient population). We have to include their name, grade level, disability, Tri due date, annual due date, and service providers w/ minutes for each provider.

Next, we get a list from the secretary of newly enrolled students whose parents indicated they had an IEP at enrollment, and track down that paperwork if there is any. At least 1/3 of the time, the parent is confused and has checked that box but the child does not have an IEP. Then we work on starting transitions for those kids. Lastly, we look into newly enrolled kids whose parents have not indicated they have an IEP, but whose classroom teachers insist they must have one because they're so low . I can't remember a time where said child has actually had an IEP, but I'd hate to be wrong so we do look into it.

I don't bother making schedules or group plans until this is somewhat finalized due to all of the kids coming and going each year. We have a vague idea of grade levels at the end of the previous year, but it's sometimes changed. I've been K-3 for many years. Two years ago, we'd said that I would split 3rd grade with the other teacher as the primary caseload was getting heavier, but so many of mine ended up moving over the summer that the numbers weren't anywhere near the same when we came in.

This year, I have told the other (new) teacher she will be 3-6 and I will be K-2. The numbers are so incredibly high in primary (19 incoming kinders with IEPs) that even if several don't show, I can't imagine it being enough to shift the plan. I typically get between 5-10 new kids with IEPs as the year goes on- either new referrals or transfers from other districts. Kids don't tend to leave us mid-year unless they move out of state or something. One year I had to do 15 initial evals, but that was several years ago now. In other years I've been lucky and it's only been a few kids throughout the year.
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