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Has anyone gotten UI after their districts posted sub jobs?
Old 09-17-2020, 03:35 AM
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First, Iím not trying to avoid work or commit fraud with UI. Iím wondering about subs who work in districts that are offering virtual subbing. If you have had jobs canceled or there arenít jobs available, have you successfully claimed UI and been paid out?

Only one district I am in has given us this opportunity. The training was long and subs feel unprepared, so some arenít taking jobs and others are having their jobs removed if they are a week or two out. Some teachers arenít even aware we have been made available. You also need a new computer to be able to keep up with the virtual software the district decided to use. A lot of the subs still need to complete the training to have access to Aesop. In short, it seems like a mess.

I am also wondering about subs in multiple districts who are claiming UI still and have districts that are offering jobs and some that are not. Iím trying to see if UI is putting you into adjudication or denying your claim.

I feel like we were given some paid training and are being fed a story to keep us around waiting for jobs that wonít ever happen. If you didnít do the training you got dropped from the pool, and you have to be selected for an interview and pass it to get into this district. While thatís not hard, I donít want to have to go through that again next year.

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