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Today another scenario came to pass.

I got a text message at 8:40 AM this morning from my sub coordinator saying she desperately needed coverage for a Special Ed class today. I agreed to take the job, but when I arrived at the school, it was determined that the job did not really exist.

The school secretary notified our sub coordinator, and she told me the coordinator agreed to pay me for the day, even though I just went home.

I just noticed the job was a pre-Kindergarten SDC class, that was changed to a" Human Resources" job in Aesop so that I could get paid. I do not know why this job was put in the system.

I am glad to get a free day of pay, but I am concerned that our sub coordinator chose to circumvent AESOP and contact me directly. She would have had direct evidence that I turned down a job had I not taken it, and she had already told us she was contacting EDD about available jobs.

I now have the unfortunate knowledge that if an undesirable job is not picked up, she will contact us directly, so we either need to take it, or get reported to EDD that we turned down a job.

This is an unfortunate development.
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