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They made us do hours of training for platforms we are not even going to be allowed access to have. So now teachers are saying it is easier for them to just make everything recorded for the day or teach sick. I am thinking the district just wants to push out subs for this year and is doing everything they can to just make us quit

I guess I’ll find out by Monday or Tuesday if I get UI this week.

I might just drop this district so I can still collect Ui. What a load of bs.
My district had a long term assignment come up recently, but no actual information was posted about it beyond that. Like... NOBODY would accept this over the phone, it's basically asking to be taken advantage of for six weeks. Just being real there. Literally "we have a teacher out for six weeks" and that's it, that's all you know. And of course if you lock in and it turns out the assignment's terrible so you back out, then you're the bad guy and you risk getting blacklisted by a district. Long term assignments are already notoriously bad, but right now? With no additional info about what their teacher left in terms of plans, if anything? With no notes about how the distance learning would be managed? Didn't even know what subject level it was. If I didn't know better, I'd swear they just put it out there so rational people could walk away from it and be seen as declining work. I'm sure that's not the case, but it sure feels like it sometimes. There are these sporadic and unpredictable bursts of work. My phone will go three weeks without ringing, and then suddenly a "first through third grade" long term job calls with no other info besides that, and it just feels like a load of BS honestly.

At this point, I'm just cutting my losses. I have money saved, thanks almost entirely to the CARES act, which left me in a better financial position in June than five years of subbing ever did, and my living situation makes it not-ideal to be going out anyway (roommates are at-risk category). I'm going to keep certifying and just be honest and up front about my situation, since I don't think any reasonable person could consider this "employed." Nobody in their right mind would pick up a phone and just say yes to being liable for something they barely understand, and then being on the hook for it for up to six weeks (but maybe less if they cut it to screw you out of longterm pay like they love to do, making even the compensation questionable). I don't know why the situation should be different for subs.
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