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Weirdest zoom issue ever, please help
Old 11-13-2020, 11:11 AM
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I put in a tech ticket, but I've also googled and apparently I'm the only person this has ever happened to, so I'm not feeling too strongly about our IT guy helping me. Maybe there is a chance someone on PT knows what this is??

So, on Monday I had an IEP meeting and I had created the zoom link. For school staff, we simply put the zoom link in our google calendar event and everyone gets in that way. I'm in the meeting, with mom, wondering where all of the other staff members were. Somehow, they were also in the link, but it was a different room/meeting??? They all clicked on my link, and somehow all got in, without me (even though I have the waiting room enabled), and using the same link, mom and I were in a different meeting. So I thought perhaps I posted something wrong and emailed them all the link directly from my zoom page. That worked, even though I looked at what I put in the calendar, and it was 100% the same link.

Fast forward to today. I'm in my remote learning zoom link. I've used the same one all year (each IEP meeting has it's own link, so this isn't the same link I had trouble with on Monday). After three students miss in a row, I feel like something is off. Then a kid who has never one time in her entire life missed anything didn't show up. So I emailed her mom, and the same thing happened. She clicked on the link, like always, and was in a zoom room by herself. Meanwhile I'm in the same link by myself, waiting for them to show up. I definitely never got a notification anyone was in the waiting room. I tried restarting my computer, starting/ending the meeting several times, and same issue. And yes, I quadruple checked that I started/was in the correct zoom meeting.

I can create a new link and change it on all of my kids schedules, but why is this happening and what if it keeps happening??? We are HOUNDING them to be present on zoom and I certainly don't want to have inconsistency with my link not working.

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