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Well, all bets are off now, of course. Some teachers were trying to do small groups and some weren't, with all of the new safety guidelines.

Pre-pandemic, small groups were expected and admin/coaches did fairly frequent walkthroughs. We have an "intervention block" at my school that classroom teachers participate in as well, and the expectations for what that time looked like were very laid out for teachers and there were tons of PLCs/walkthroughs/feedback given. For just regular classroom small groups, it was scheduled in our master schedule that is given to teachers, and teachers were required to turn in pretty detailed lesson plans.

I have to say, the lesson plan piece bothers me. Lesson plans should be written for the teacher, not for some admin. If during walkthroughs/observations it's obvious that a specific teacher isn't well planned/doesn't have everything thought out, then require plans of that specific teacher as part of an improvement process as necessary. Don't create busywork for the entire building.

I also felt that our teachers could have used more PD on what to use classroom small group time for. I think our admin assumed all of the PD/instruction on the intervention block would carry over to the classroom, but many teachers see those as two different things and think they can only do those sort of intervention activities in the intervention block. A lot of times when teachers came to RtI meetings and talked about their small groups, they weren't working on good skills for the student's needs. For example, the student doesn't know their letter sounds and the small group has been spending an entire quarter on one book that is meant to focus on cvc vs. silent e pattern. Doesn't make sense for the student's needs. Of course this wasn't everyone, but I heard it often enough.

I know the coach was actually doing some work on this right before the pandemic hit, but it seemed it was more focused on what the other students are doing during small groups/how to make that productive vs. focusing on the actual small group instruction.

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