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Not the kid's fault...
Old 12-06-2020, 07:51 PM
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Google Classroom is stupid this way. It's impossible to "archive" assignments, so on the kid's side, they still see "assignment such and such is due".

You can make a suggestion to Google that they allow archiving. This would help so much. Right now you can only delete assignments, but for teachers like me who are being micromanaged, deleting is the exact same thing as "the teacher never assigned any work in Google Classroom because we don't see anything". I wish we could archive assignments so there is still a record of them, but the kids can't access them.

Make sure you make a note for kids every so often that says, "I will no longer accept work from before such-and-such date" so you have a paper trail when parents complain you didn't accept late work that still showed as an open assignment on their end.
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