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Hoping I made the right decision here
Old 12-07-2020, 09:42 AM
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Withdraw deadline for students with excessive absences is today. I have two. One who has missed nearly every day. I've had counselors call, district attendance call, truancy officers, and myself. No responses. I feel no guilt withdrawing that student.

There's another student I have who rarely ever goes to my meets. When I manage to snag parents attention of the rare times she does come, I can see that they have a newborn and are clearly stressed. Parents are receptive, agree to come to class, very kind and understanding of why I'm meeting with them, but no follow through. I chose not to withdraw this student because I know those parents are trying their best. I'm just hoping and praying that girl actually starts to come more otherwise grading is going to be extremely, extremely tough.

Hoping I made the right decision to not withdraw her. I was hoping I'd manage to speak to parents today about the choice I made, hoping that it might inspire them to come more, but she didn't show up this morning. I teach Kinder so a lot of these parents are just keeping their kids enrolled as potential babysitting when we do come back

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