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Clip to ScrapBook #2

1. Try your best from getting caught in the middle of it.

2. There is nothing you can do about how the child interacts with his mother. However, if he is getting a warning every single day, you need a different approach with this child because obviously being on a warning isn't changing behavior. Please don't take this to mean he doesn't need to learn how to behave differently in class, but your system isn't producing the desired results.

3. I think it depends on what the insult was. There is a big difference between saying you are a [insert swear word here] and saying you are strict or that he questions your judgement on how you address learning for his child.

My opinion is you should be careful about being upset about insults after you just insulted the student in this post by calling the child lazy. I've know far too many kids who were low and/or had terrible difficulties with handwriting. Avoidance is a typical behavior for both of these issues. Rarely does harsh grading tactics fix the issue. In most cases it exacerbates the problems. So, while I don't agree with the father insulting you, much depends on what he actually said.
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