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Joined: Feb 2007
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Clip to ScrapBook #3

Number 1" Say to Drama Jr, "That sounds like a lot is going on. Why don't you write it all out in this notebook. When I have some time, (recess) you can read it to me and we can discuss what should be done."

Number 2 -"I know you're upset so you can go sit over there and calm down. If you would like you can write about it and tell me what made you so upset. I'm setting the timer. If you are calm by the time the timer goes off then I will move you back to green. If you are not ready that's ok. You can stay there as long as you need to but you will stay on yellow. Your choice.

Number 3- "Can you spell the word out loud? Ok It looks like you wrote a v an r. You need to fix it" Do that for every word in which he writes a sloppy r. "Now that you know how to write the r the correct way I expect you to do so. If it looks like a v I'm going to mark it wrong because you just showed me that you can make an r correctly."
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