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So true..
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You said it so well. In the regular ed room, you are the same thing as well, but kids in title seem to need you more. You are sometimes...and more times than you would like to be...their only advocate. Many, many students with no cheerleaders at home...parents too tired, too overworked, and too plain LAZY in my book to spend the time nurturing them as they need. NOT ALL, but some. Those are the ones who really tug at your heart. My Donny, coming from a crack house unproven but suspected, who misses school to stay home and take care of his 2 year sister, who cuts his own hair, and his goal is to get into the service. Who at least now HAS a goal. In the 2 years I serviced him, NEVER met or saw or heard from the parents. Teaching him some responsibility with his schoolwork (while he had so much responsibility at home) was probably my biggest success...not his reading...which did improve but it turned out not to be my goal.

Not that there are not kids like this in regular ed, because of course there certainly are, but because the groups are small, the kids feel freer to share stuff with you that they won't in a large group.

Your comment about being put down by a classroom teacher is true as well. There are some who don't get it....I try VERY HARD to be the bigger person and let it go. It is not easy...a couple felt that "she couldn't handle the regular room anymore after 20 years so she went to title". Not the case,,,,I knew it. My skin is still not thick enough even after all this time.

Good luck in your decision.
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