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I am the Vice-President of our Kiwanis club in my town. (Kiwanis is a volunteer organization that supports the children of the world, in case you haven't heard of it.) We have various student leadership programs at the high school level (Key Club) and the junior high (Builders Club) and at the elementary level (K-Kids). I run our K-Kids at my school. We do a few projects throughout the year. At our local children's hospital, they always need what are called trauma dolls. These dolls are traced onto fabric by the kids and cut out. Then my aunt stitches around the doll. It looks like a gingerbread man, basically. She leaves a small opening in the leg. The kids then stuff them. I take them home and sew up the legs. Then the kids put them into a bag with a note and two markers. The hospital gives the dolls to either kids who need something to do and the kids can use the markers to decorate clothing and a face on the doll, or sometimes the doctors use the dolls to draw to show the child what is happening with them. I hope that makes sense. It takes us about 6 weeks to get 100 dolls done, between the sewing and such but the kids absolutely LOVE this project.

We did something similar this past year because we live in a HUGE military community and had over 10,000 deployments happening at once. We made the same dolls, but much smaller and called them Deployment dolls. We donated them to the Kindergarten and 1st graders who had parents deploying and the kids decorated them to look like themselves and gave them to their deployed parent to take with them to Iraq.

Another idea, sorry! We are going to be making "Busy Bags" this year for the hosital. It will be a small Ziploc bag with a mini-coloring book, crayons, exc. in it. The hopsital passes them out to children and families waiting in the ER to help keep the kids busy and pre-occupied. Easy for the kids to fill the bags.

We have made little gifts for our local senior center, as well. I have two cousins deploying this year in October so we will be adopting them this year. We will write to them but we are also going to make cards for them to be able to write in and send to their own families. I hope that makes sense. My cousins said they would pass them around their group.

I wanted to jump on this thread for more ideas because I always find it hard to think of things our little kids can do. Thanks for the thread!
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