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Constant Absences
Old 03-01-2018, 01:24 PM
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The child who has constant absences is not your problem. Your principal, social services, school counselor, school psychologist, etc. should be dealing with this child's truancy. I would make sure they are notified each time this child is absent...every one of these people and anyone else you can think of...via email first thing in the morning.

This team should be contacting the parents, going to the home to get the child if necessary, calling the home to speak to parents, etc. every time this child is late or absent.

I can understand why this child does not want to come to school. It must be very difficult to be so far behind and to have your peers know this is the case. It cannot be good for this child's self-esteem.

You mentioned there is a team of people considering not testing him because of his constant absences. What this team needs to do is figure out why the child is not attending, and work forward from there.

I hope things improve.
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