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Clip to ScrapBook #5

None of this would have happened if:

* the student didn't have that "-" (minus) after the "A"
* you weren't a 1st year teacher-the parent knew this
* parent wasn't a personal friend with admin

The parent obviously feels that since she is a science teacher, her own son is entitled to high grades in all science classes. She's probably interfered with her son's previous science grades/classes/teachers, if they weren't perfect. She pounced on you being a 1st year teacher.

The observation with the intent to give you advice should have never happened. She is not qualified to do that and your admin. should have been a professional and stopped that from happening. That should have been something that should have been addressed with everyone present in the conference. Your admin did not do his/her job.

This parent will continue to interfere when her child goes to college. Bad for her child and bad for her when she realizes that she will have absolutely no control over matters there. Keep this in mind and smile!

Seems your admin. doesn't support teachers, even if they are in the right. Pleasing the parents so parents don't take it to the superintendent is common now.

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