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Clip to ScrapBook #8

I've had parents observe but never in the manner that you have described.

The mom should have NEVER been allowed to ask the other kids questions, talk to the kids and look at their work. That's like 3 ferpa violations!

You should never discuss the other two members of his group at all. Next time, say "I'm not allowed to discuss the other members of his group."

Watch out because sometimes parents try to take pictures or record their observation. Did she have a phone? Protect yourself and type out exactly what happen. What if a student goes home and says that a parent was looking at their work and asking questions? What if that same student had an IEP?

Next time, suggest a parent conference before the "observation" and a debriefing during your next conference (never with kids present).

Do not cave with her demands, you can do this!!!!
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