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Social Studies Instruction Planning
Old 09-22-2012, 09:50 AM
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I am a teaching assistant and a teaching student and have a few questions that I would be grateful to anyone who could spare a few minutes to answer. I am currently studying social studies curriculum, methods, and assessments.

1- How much time on average is spent in your classroom studying social studies daily? If social studies is not studied daily, than how much time is spent weekly?

2- Do you use text books in your social studies instruction.
- If not, what kind of materials are used?
- If textbooks are used, do you use any supplemental materials? What kind of supplemental materials are used?

3- What standards do you use to guide your curriculum?

4- How important do you consider social studies curriculum in comparison to other subjects (math, science, ELA)?

5- Do you link social studies lessons with lessons in any other subject such as science, ELA, or math?

Thank you in advance for taking a few minutes to help me learn more about teaching social studies.

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