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Clip to ScrapBook #5

1- How much time on average is spent in your classroom studying social studies daily? If social studies is not studied daily, than how much time is spent weekly?

Not enough is my flippant answer I teach 7th grade, and students have daily 45 minute blocks of SS, or alternately, 90 minutes every other day.

2- Do you use text books in your social studies instruction.
- If not, what kind of materials are used?
- If textbooks are used, do you use any supplemental materials? What kind of supplemental materials are used?

We are trying a new textbook this year, but generally we use a mix up of ideas, stuff from History Alive and our Harcourt Book, stuff from the internet.

3- What standards do you use to guide your curriculum?

The NH State standards

4- How important do you consider social studies curriculum in comparison to other subjects (math, science, ELA)?

Just as important. And I think we should spend more time teaching reading through the lens of Social Studies.

5- Do you link social studies lessons with lessons in any other subject such as science, ELA, or math?

I teach SS as "reading through the content area", so i do a lot fo reading and writing in SS.

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