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US History by Presidential Terms
Old 02-24-2013, 09:59 AM
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I really want to teach my US history class by presidential terms. For example we would have an "Abraham Lincoln" unit and during that unit we would talk about everything that happened in US history during his presidency (In addition to diving in to Abraham Lincoln as a man much more in depth) My thinking behind this is a combination of a few things:
1. To me it just make more sense
2. I think that history would be more memorable this way
3. It would allow me to introduce some REALLY cool topics that I don't feel like the original curriculum has room for (ex. 1: There is a whole group of people who believe that Lincoln was already dying from a rare heredity disorder which also explains his physical stature. ex. 2: during a duel Andrew Jackson was shot and supposedly NEVER moved, then killed his opponent. Why? The man insulted Rachel's honor.) History is really cool and I want my kids to grasp that!
4. I think history would be more easily understood
So now my question is has anyone ever done or heard of this? If so how did you do it? Did your kids like it? Any tips/suggestions? I plan to use interactive binders.
I know this will require a LOT of work upfront on my part but I'm completely okay with that.
Thanks y'all!

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