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no counselor
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Response to Grace Crispy:

scheduling/all dual credit: one of the hs teachers (hs principal's wife)
state test coordination: principal
discipline/counseling: no one; principal tells us not to bring any students to the office
college/career prep: no one

It is so frustrating. I talked to the superintendent about 3 years ago. I proposed to him to have a school counselor for our students to do dual credit/scheduling/counseling/college & career prep and possibly state test coordinator. I wanted a change and he encouraged me to go back to school and get my masters in school counseling. I continued to work and every semester I would meet back with him and give him an update on how I was progressing. I graduated 1 year ago and looked forward to moving into that position at the end of last summer. Two weeks before school started he let me know by phone that I would be teaching one of the elementary grades and not fulfilling any duties as a school counselor. There just wasn't any room in the budget. Well, he retired and the principal is now going to be our superintendent. There will be no principal hired---just a lead teacher for elementary and lead teacher for jh/hs. This is crazy!! My own two kids go to this school and have since kindergarten. One is in hs and the other in jh. I want more for them and the other kids. No one is getting anything the way it is set up now.

I really don't know what to do? Any suggestions? Seems like it is just going to be the three of them running the show. It's their way or else. They think they know what's best for all the kids. The elementary lead teacher is best friends with the secondary lead teacher. The secondary lead teacher and superintendent are husband/wife. This is definitely going to be a conflict of interest! I know there is other teachers/staff waiting to see how this year plays out and plan to leave if it doesn't go well.

Your ideas/suggestions/comments are appreciated.

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