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support needed for practicum
Old 03-12-2017, 06:55 PM
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Hi Everyone,
First of all let me say how much I like this forum, it has really been helpful to me. I am a teacher but I am doing a practicum since September in Counselling. In January 2017, I got severely sick (septic stone) and have been off my practicum. I need to finish by end of April because I have to go back to work in May (no choice, or I may lose my job). I was going guns of blazing until I became very ill. I am going to go back to my practicum beginning tomorrow, although I am not quite healed. Still dizzy and tired, but I am going to start off slow. The biggest issue is that I have had partial hearing loss, due to catching shingles when I was sick, which has left me devastated I am supposed to get a hearing aid this week, but just in so much grief.
I only have around 65 hours left, which is great, so I think I can finish, but I worry about being tired and my hearing.

Do you have any words of wisdom and advice for me, this damn program was so expensive and time consuming that I just want to finish it.

Thank you so much for any thoughts, Angela

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