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Thank you for the feedback
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Counselling is really hard work, and I easily see how we can succumb to burnout. It is difficult to hear other people's problem and not feel for them.

Thank you for your suggestions - I love the idea of spreading it slowly, especially beginning slowly. I definitely will and have today said no to a couple of suggestions made by my supervisor. Of course, I worded it, in a kind way but in a honest way as well. She completely understood, saying I should take it easy and only do what I felt necessary.

Thank you, thank you for being so kind, positive and empathetic, you both must be very good counsellors, because you understood my feelings and made so much sense. AS I was reading your posts, my eyes filled with tears, because so many people don't understand what I am going through, they think I should get back to working and my practicum full time immediately. Although I would love too, I know that I cannot.

I, too, hope more people would post on this forum, there are so many knowledgeable people, its like group supervision.
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