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Clip to ScrapBook #3

To my knowledge he has not been evaluated for SPED. The extreme behavior I described happened 2 days only this year. That's 2 days too many, obviously, but I don't think I have enough data to get the team to evaluate. I'm going to ramp up my data collection & documentation on his behavior.

Typically, his behavior has been about a grade level behind (i.e. makes sense for first grade) with occasional self-harming behaviors that are less dangerous (scratching himself or poking himself with a pencil).

I don't know if he has an outside diagnosis, but the school counselor and I are seeing clear signs of depression/anxiety. We have conferences shortly and I will bring that up to see if that ball can get rolling (or if it has started rolling).

Kiddo is dealing with a highly traumatic past . . . his current guardian is discovering new information after each counseling session.
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