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Hi GraceKrispy, thanks for asking . . . things seem to be going better.

TL;DR - Things are going better, identified some causes, instituted new plans. For a lengthy update, see below.

After the horrible day where I posted this, I noticed that the suicidal or self-harming behavior seemed deliberately attention-seeking. That is not to minimize the real emotional health issues my little bug is facing. But by his actions it was clear that at least some of the behavior (before he worked himself into a frenzy, at least) was specifically aimed towards getting reactions. So I started addressing the behavior like any attention-seeking behavior rather than like I usually address self-harming/suicidal behavior. (I should note this child sees the school counselor on the daily and also receives outside counseling.)

We streamlined communication between school and home so that there could be a follow-up at home, and noticed a difference.

We also identified triggers and when he was about to go off so that we could distract him. It turns out that if he got out of the classroom (and lost his audience) before he went into a frenzy he was able to calm himself down. So we told him that if he felt himself going off, he could go to the next classroom for a quick break. And sometimes I would send him to the classroom for a break.

Finally, this week is our spring break. About a week ago I found out that this kiddo has been thinking that 3rd grade starts right after spring break and was going through severe separation anxiety. So we told him that he had 3 more months left of second grade, that he was coming right back to see me again, and I wrote him five letters for each weekday of spring break.

These incidents have strengthened our school-home communication and we're now focusing on getting him ready for 3rd grade. It appears that despite this recent dive, the kiddo has been improving as far as behavior and emotional health in general, so we're on the up and up.

Of course if anyone has any ideas for prevention come June, that would be just dandy!
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