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It's insanely hard here...
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I live in Michigan.

You didn't give a whole bunch of detail about your work experience and how many years you have been working. So my suggestions are just sort of winging it...

For a district...

A 2 to 3 year tour of duty with the State/County/residential pediatric psychiatric center/pediatric hospital based experience. Social workers working in a private setting don't get a look.

All the licenses needed. They don't wait for anyone. I believe social school workers need an LSMW-C.

Elementary vs Middle vs High school all have different needs. Do you have only experience in primary and want to work in secondary? Here your previous client population experience matters too.

My DD middle school shares a school psychologist and a school social worker between three middle schools. The middle school has two on site "counselors', and I don't know their credentials.

That's two school social workers for a whole district of middle schoolers. Our two high schools have around 2,000 kids a piece so the district isn't tiny.

Around 150 applications per 1 job seems about right. The 4 grade position at my DD elementary school had over 300.

I guess the good news is you have a job in your field. Why the move? Private wanting to moving to public? Toxic district?

So...can be incredibly hard to get a social work job, especially if you live in an place where the universities crank new social workers out. I know of at least 4 schools in my area.

It's not an easy job market here. I know social workers taking Para Pro positions.

ETA: I read in another post you are at a private school. That experience only and a LSMW-C wouldn't even give you a call back here. (I am assuming that's all you have)

Also my district is huge on community outreach and love canidates who have that experience.

While my district will hire a freshly hatched baby teacher right out of school, that doesn't seem to happen with LMSWs.
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