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Clip to ScrapBook #3

There is no one answer to this question and the teacher response is varied based on student needs. You need to look at what the classroom setting is like. We also need to look at why the student is engaged in this behavior. Additionally we need to look at the what the teacher and other students are doing. Grade, age, and ability level all play factors as well.

Here are some questions you can answer for us to help you more.

What is the function on the behavior? (why is the student engaged in the behavior)
Is this student avoiding a task, wanting to get attention, the task is too easy or too hard?
What is the setting this student is in?
Is this in an academic classroom or is this in elective?
What grade level is the student?
Is the student on an IEP?
Is the behavior unsafe?
What is the classroom rules?
What is the teacher doing when this is going on?
What are the other students doing when this is going on?
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