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After talking to a teacher-friend, I've gotten cold feet about calling CPS. They say that I'm taking a chance that the student is exaggerating, and that if the abuse is real, the student should make the call. If she is exaggerating, it could be a legal nightmare for me. The parents are powerful in the community, and on the school board. Even though my report would be anonymous, it would be very easy for the parents to guess I made the call. And without the backing of the administration, I'm even more vulnerable.

I understand completely why a child wouldn't want to make the call to CPS, even if they are being abused and desperately need help. Most children do need an adult to step in and make the call for them. But I also know that I'm taking a big risk by calling, and will risk losing my job. I also think there's a big risk that the family will pull their children out of the school and homeschool them, leaving them even more isolated.

My thinking is to give the student an ultimatum and tell her that either she calls CPS or I do. I want to do everything I can to encourage her to make the call. Can you give me advice on what to say to her? What can she expect CPS to do after she makes the call? How can they help her and her family? (Eg can they require counseling?) I have never called CPS before so I don't know what to expect. If I could tell the student what to expect, she might be less hesitant about calling.
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