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Presidential Era's
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Clip to ScrapBook #7

I think your idea is a fabulous one. History is all encompassing, and it can be overwhelming to the students. By breaking down the material by President, it will help the students learn more comprehensibly. A lot of why history events occurred is due to the decisions of the President(s) of the time. It is our goal as educators to implement life-long learning for our students. History is a tricky subject because most students are not interested, and they often find it a bore because the classrooms are structured around the lecture strategy. It is time to make a change and I think you are headed in the right direction by creating lessons that will help your students obtain the material.

What I would suggest adding is with every President and the current events of the matching era, make those events relevant to your students. How can you tie the events that occurred years ago to them presently and personally? People in general learn more effectively when they have a connection to the subject/material. To a young student's mind, history is not relevant to them; it is our job as history teachers to connect how history relates and affects them.

Thank you for allowing me to contribute to your exciting lesson idea.
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