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Insights Please
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I am a teacher of a combined grade 1-2 class taking a Self-Regulated Inquiry and Learning course. This course has encouraged me as a professional to further reflect on goal-setting and the important role it has on self-regulated learning (SRL). SRL is an intricate process, one that requires direct teaching and modeling to students.

Because of the high social-emotional needs in my class, I am focusing on helping students to set goals that will help manage their big emotions. I have a student diagnosed with ADHD. She breaks down into tears when we make changes to our classroom (eg. moving desks or new arrangement in group seating). There is also another student who is not diagnosed, but has extreme difficulties focusing; whether itís listening or engaging in a task. He often wanders the classroom talking to himself. Iím reaching out with hopes of receiving feedback that will help me navigate through this process.

Questions I have:
1) Children with ADHD and sensory processing issues have a hard time self-regulating. What are some strategies and resources that you recommend?
2) Should I be looking at making changes to the physical environment of the classroom itself, eg. changing lighting? Any other modifications for students with sensory issues?

Thank you for your time!

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