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Record Keeping
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Hi Melissa:

I have a combination of record keeping systems. I have a schedule for each student drawn up which shows what class they are in and their IEP goals for each class. Thus they could be integrated into PE - which IEP goals are we focussing on.

Specific objectives to work on each class are on a clipboard with the question - Has this objective been met? Yes No

If yes the SEA is to attach documentation showing that it has been. (Test, note from classroom teacher, photo etc.

If no - SEA is to record level of performance and plans on how to keep working towards objective.

If student did not work on IEP goals that class SEA is to note why as well. It could be that particular class is not the right match for those objectives.

I also use hanging file folders to keep documentation together.

I run a Functional Skills program so I teach a lot of the students myself. For these classes I draw up a rating scale based on an IEP which most students have. This 1-7 rating scale shows whether a skills is Emerging, Developing or Mastered. I include examples of what the skill looks like at each level. I have found that parents really like this type of documentation.

A great website which shows how to do this is -

Hope this helps.

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