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While not exactly what you will be doing, I can think of some issues I had to deal with that may be questions. In my district teachers schedule meetings, the educational diag. attends if it is an initial evaluation or new testing was done and they were the coordinator. I attended meetings when teachers felt they needed support or if there were problems, concerns.

How would you respond to a parent who does not agree with the services being proposed?
How would you respond to a staff member who does not agree with the student's exceptionality or placement?
What is your experience with Manifestation Determination meetings and what is the process for conducting such a meeting?
What would your recommendations be if a student is not making progress on their IEP goals and objectives?
What are standards based IEPs?
How would you ensure that an IEP is written to the level that provides a student with FAPE?
How does an IEP team determine appropriate accommodations, modifications, and LRE for a students with disabilities?
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