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Self-Contained or Self-Collaborative?
Old 08-25-2008, 09:09 PM
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My son, at age 3, was receiving Speech Therapy 2x a week for only 30 min for about 4 months. At home, we usually never understood what he was saying. The therapist called it jargon. Unfortunately, twice a week for 30 min. of therapy wasn't enough time for him to open up (speak up). He only pointed, nodded & shook his head. He was very shy, plus anti-social around children his age. The school & I decided to place him in PPCD in a Self-Collaborative class (PPCD/PreK) for half of the school day. He was placed in Feb-May. He finally opened up in May since he wasn't in school as long as the other students.
This year, he is 4, and his now new PPCD teacher would like to place him in the afternoon schedule with her Self-Contained classroom which includes the more severe students. I feel he should stay in the Self-Collaborative Class (PreK/PPCD) since he was givin these services only to help him socialize with peers around his age and to receive Speech Therapy 2x a week for 30 min. Plus, he doesn't have any type of a learning disability from the assessments/evaluations that were done for him.
What would be best?

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